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Meet your CME PTC Board Members

Our primary objective is to promote parental support for and in cooperation with the teachers and administration of Cedar Mill Elementary School in the education of the children and youth enrolled in the school.

Kimberly Pearson


Hi! I’m Kimberly and a mom of 4 active kids: 2 of whom are currently at CME and two who have moved on to middle school. I’ve been on the Cedar Mill PTC board a few times.  Twice as Volunteer Coordinator and now as President.  I enjoy being involved in the school, getting to know teachers, staff and students, and being a helpful resource when needed.  My favorite things to do are read, take walks with my dog, and drive the Mom Taxi to various kid activities.  I encourage everyone to get involved at school in whatever way they are able.  It is a great way to become part of the fabric of this great neighborhood and make connections that will last beyond your child’s school years.  We have been around Cedar Mill for a long time and hopefully have seen you at a school event, around the community, or will meet soon!

Selina Rincon

Vice President and Webmaster

Other than filling my day with PTC Vice President duties, I am usually hanging out with my CME 2nd Grader and furry cat child. I love to go for walks in the rain and cloudy days, playing video games with my friends online, reading funny books with my kiddo, and taking her out to the beach. I tend to do some arts-n-crafts on the side and live a relaxed life. In other times, if it weren’t COVID time, I would usually be found in the front of the school waiting for my kiddo, otherwise, you may find me walking along our trails within the Cedar Mill neighborhood.

Lauren Jensen


After growing up in the south, attending college in the Midwest, and grad school on the east coast, Laura (along with her husband) moved to Portland to plant roots and raise a family. Laura is the mom of two boys – a 7th grader at Cedar Park and a 3rd grader here at Cedar Mill. As the Secretary of the PTC, Laura enjoys getting to support the Board while brushing up on her note-taking skills. Laura loves being outside and going on long walks all over the Cedar Mill area. If you see her along the road smiling or laughing while on a walk – do not fret – she’s not losing her marbles but only enjoying something funny on a podcast. In her free time, Laura enjoys hiking with her family, reading (mostly fiction), working in her yard, watching TV (with her guilty pleasure being the Bachelor/Bachelorette – including all the tacky spinoffs).

Virginia Mcgregor


Robin has one daughter who is in her last year at CME. She stays busy doing her job at a local non-profit and supporting remote learning. Robin’s self-care involves taking brisk walks in the neighborhood, gardening, or cuddling with her cat Chi while enjoying a show or movie at home.

Megan Taylor

Volunteer Coordinator

I’m the mom of two girls (ages 2 and 5). The oldest is very excited to be entering kindergarten at CME this fall. I worked for a few years as a mental health therapist but decided to leave the field after the birth of my second child. During the pandemic I earned a credential in Human Resources and am moving my career in that direction. I am so excited to be the new volunteer coordinator for the PTC and will do my best for this great school!

Megan Lightbody

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Nina Hickey

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