Cedar Mill PTC

Two fun facts about Lindsay – she has twin sister and she has performed in the Singing Christmas Tree! As the mom of 2 CME kids, a 3rd-grade boy and a 5th-grade girl, and 1 fur kid who does not attend CME, Lindsay has no problem staying extra busy. As a native Oregonian, Lindsay’s favorite season is the fall and she loves rainy days, though she never really knows where to locate her umbrella when caught in a heavy rainstorm (such an Oregonian move)! Prior to taking the role of the PTC President, Lindsay was the Volunteer Coordinator and has supported various school events throughout the last 6 years. Lindsay is passionate about supporting CME and is working hard to maintain a strong sense of school community in the current virtual learning environment. When not choosing her favorite Zoom background for the monthly PTC Board Meetings, Lindsay loves cheering on the Nebraska Cornhuskers (go, Herbie!) and visiting Sunriver with her family.