Cedar Mill PTC

Hi! I’m Kimberly and a mom of 4 active kids: 3 of whom are currently at CME and one who has moved on to 7th grade. In our pre-COVID lives we were constantly in the car headed to a football, basketball, baseball, softball, golf or other sports practice or event, or running back and forth to dance and acrobatics classes or finding swim time at a local pool. Currently, we don our facemasks for long hikes around the neighborhood, zoom into dance classes from home, shoot hoops in the back yard, find a local lake or river for a swim and nearby parks and trails for taking the dog on long walks. This is a second go-around for me as Volunteer Coordinator. The first time I took on the role was when the district implemented the current volunteer program and we went through the process of switching everyone over and training to use the new format, and this time is during a pandemic. I like a challenge! Our family are all born and raised Oregonians and have been in the Cedar Mill community for almost 20 years. We miss seeing friendly faces in the halls at school or at school events, but we are still often out and about enjoying this beautiful neighborhood, so we hope to say HI soon!