Activity Descriptions

Art Literacy

Commitment: 1 to 6 times per year, 2-3 hrs each during school hours

Each class participates in this program 6 times per school year during regular school hours. Art Literacy is an art appreciation program that introduces new artists and techniques to students. Volunteer responsibilities include: attend a 1hr training session. teaching or assisting with the lessons, presenting the artist via a slide show and finally ending with the production (art the students actually do and take home). Each class needs approx 3 volunteers per lesson, depending on the complexity of the production and age of the students.

Committee Chair is responsible for the scheduling of training sessions, managing supplies, and coordination of Art Night to display student art for all to see.

Book Fair

Commitment: Fall & Spring. Shifts 1-2 hours during school hours

Cedar Mill has two Scholastic Book Fairs each year. Volunteers are needed to assist in set-up of the fair before-hand and clean-up at the end. During the event volunteers help students find prices on books, assist in ensuring they have enough money for what they would like to purchase, restock items as necessary, and straighten items on carts and tables.  Volunteers are needed during various before, during and after-school times.

Committee Chair is responsible for coordinating with the school librarian and ensuring the book fair is staffed with volunteers.

Box Tops 


This is an ongoing fundraiser in which box tops are collected by the committee two times per school year. Volunteers are needed to help advertise, coordinate, and /or report on the collection of General Mills Box Tops. Help to keep parents and students motivated by keeping them updated with what has been purchased for the school with the proceeds in the newsletter and other communication venues.

Bulletin Board 

Commitment: 1-2 hours in Fall, Winter, & Spring

Volunteer will keep the bulletin board in the entryway of the school updated with current PTC events and information.



Commitment: Varies by role but as little as an hour

This event takes place before the last day of school in June, and includes food, fun, games, and even a bounce house.  Given the amount of volunteering the moms do throughout the year, we aim to solicit more dads to help with this event. Additional volunteers are needed the day of the event for setup/teardown, and for administering each game station.  Game administration consists of ensuring the children are taking turns, and involves very little physical labor.  Time required varies for each volunteer, but typical time allotments are 30-45 minutes.  The carnival is open to all students and families, and incoming kindergarten students and families.  The event is structured around building community, having fun, and sending the kids off for summer vacation with great memories of the prior school year.

Committee chair is responsible for managing the budget provided by the PTC for the event and coordinating the volunteers. Most of the event coordination is handled by the Carnival chair, who may ask others for help throughout the planning process. 

Classroom Coordinators
Commitment: Varies by classroom and volunteer. Not all classrooms have a need for one. Discuss with your students teacher if interested.

Classroom parents are needed primarily during school hours. Volunteering in the classroom promotes teamwork among parents and teachers! It also enhances the teaching environment by assisting the teacher. Responsibilities may include: communicating with other class parents via email for events such as field trips, class parties or fundraisers. Classroom coordinators also may assist in developing and maintaining the class email list to distribute to the class or PTC. We encourage our classroom parents to attend PTC meetings when possible, stay up to date on all school events.

No Committee Chair

Clothes Closet/Lost & Found 

Commitment: Event volunteers 2-3 hours

Volunteers are needed to work for two hours during or after school at the Beaverton Clothes Closet one and then a couple times for laundering items over the school year.

Committee Chair is responsible for coordinating volunteers and donation from PTC.


Commitment: Varies

Volunteers support the chairperson in creating general PTC communications to CME families. Volunteers may also collect and disseminate important information on upcoming events and activities, make signs, email, etc. as part of another committee.

Committee Chair is responsible for ensuring PTC branding guidelines are available and adhered to as well as providing other committees and chairs with the communications and marketing resources/tools needed.

eScrip Program


eScrip is an ongoing fundraising opportunity that all families can participate in. Chairperson or volunteers are responsible for monitoring any changes to the program and marketing the program to parents of CME via the CME newsletter, PTC website, and/or take home flyers.

Oversight provided by Ways and Means

Family Dance 


This is an evening school event intended to foster a sense of community. Daytime planning and afternoon setup involved. We need volunteers to organize and help to set up for this event. Volunteers will be in charge of also finding dj, lighting, and deciding on games or activities for dance.

Committee chair is responsible for managing the budget provided by the PTC for the event and coordinating the volunteers.

Family Fun Night


Chair and volunteers help to coordinate movie night, chess night, food drive night,etc. We need volunteers to organize and run each event.

Family Dine Out Events 



CME raises money from local restaurants by receiving a percentage of sales during a designated time period. They typically include restaurants or frozen yogurt / ice cream shops. Volunteers help to coordinate with participating establishments, send out “how to’s, when/where’s” to the parents/students of CME. This is a great way to connect with our local businesses.


Field Day

Commitment: 2 hours

This is a school driven event that takes place during school hours. Volunteers will assist gym instructor in organize teams and keeping the event running smoothly. Volunteers operate on 2-3 hour shifts on the day of the event. Water balloons are also donated from volunteers.

Committee chair not needed

5th Grade Send Off 


The Chairperson will need several volunteers to create a committee for this event. Day and night time planning is needed. This is a special event for graduating 5th graders. Volunteers will plan a class gift to the school and develop a memory book. There will be a full day send off and celebratory events.

Committee chair is responsible for managing the budget provided by the PTC, collecting donations for the class gift and coordinating the volunteers.

Fun Run


This event takes place in late September or early October and is our primary annual fundraising event. Dollars raised go directly towards programs, events, supplies, etc. to be used during the current school year. Students work to collect pledges/donations prior to the event day and then participate in an actual run. Many volunteers are needed the day of the event to tally student’s laps, keep them motivated, and hand-out popsicles.

Gotcha Store 


“Gotchas” are the standard reward that students receive for good behavior. Students use their “Gotchas” to buy pencils, folders, and t-shirts. Volunteers will help to keep a tally, non-monetary exchange in the store setting at the school. The Gotcha store is open before school on Thursday mornings every other week.

Grounds Cleanup & Beautification 

Commitment: 1-4 hours in April

A day to take pride in the school and make it look better. Activities may include weeding, pressure washing, planting and picking up garbage.

Chairperson is responsible for identifying the school needs, advertising the event, soliciting donations from local businesses for supplies, and coordinating volunteers the day of the event.

Health/Vision Screening 
Commitment: 1-2 hours

Need volunteers to help with school sponsored health and vision screening. Help to keep the kids in line during their wait for testing, conduct vision screening.

Lapping Lumberjacks


Cedar Mill PTC began the 1st ever running club in May 2015. The goal of the running club is to build habits today for a healthy life. Students, siblings, parents and staff are welcome. Running club takes place on Tue & Thu mornings from 7:45 – 8:15 in the outfield of the baseball field (weather permitting). Volunteer responsibilities include marking laps for each child, handing out token charms for laps completed, and setting up tables for water bottles and club materials. This is a free program that is OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS.

Library Assistant


Each class comes to the Library about once a week and a volunteer is needed to help with each of these class times. Volunteer tasks include checking-out books to students, checking books back in, and re-shelving books. A short training is required for all Library Volunteers.

Chair responsibilities include loading volunteer shifts into My Volunteer Page, monitor sign ups to ensure volunteers have received training, provide training for new volunteers.

Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB)


The mission of OBOB is to encourage and recognize students who enjoy reading, to broaden reading interests, to increase reading comprehension, promote academic excellence, and to promote cooperative learning and teamwork among students. Volunteers are needed to coach teams as well as organize the program. The coaches  serve as a coordinator for student teams. Hosting practices and meetings.

Committee Chairs and organizing committee are responsible for registering the school as officially participating in OBOB as well as obtain official questions. Chairs and the organizing committee will also register Cedar Mill teams and maintain participant rosters, communicate with coaches, parents, teachers, and administration as necessary, coordinate information sessions, mock battles, and official battlestrain volunteers as necessary and determine how local battles will be organized.

Pancake Breakfast


This event takes place to help raise money by providing a pancake breakfast to the school and the community! Volunteers will help to direct students and teach skills like event planning, prepping, room setup, advertising, organization skills, teamwork, and goal setting.

Chairperson coordinates volunteers for planning and day of activities.  

Passport Club


Volunteers are needed to help students stretch their geographical interests. Students are provided an age appropriate map with a number of disparate countries around the globe to study and are individually asked to find them on Passport Club quiz day. Volunteers are needed for approximately 2 hours during school to help facilitate the quiz.



Volunteers will help to create a photographic record of CME student activities. Photographer attends or sends representative to school events and keeps historical record of general school activities and functions. Where appropriate, get parent approval for use in promotional materials or website.

Picture Day


Volunteers help to manage students for picture day. You will help to keep the kids in line while waiting for their picture and help them to look their best before their picture is made.

School Spirit Week


The chairperson picks a week near the end of the school year and works with the administration to choose a theme for each day (wear school colors, crazy hair day, wear favorite sports team jersey, dress like a pirate, etc).

Science Fair 

Committee members help to coordinate details of fair including: participant certificates, scavenger hunt, volunteer training, and vendors.  Time commitment involves one to two evening meetings, a small amount of work on own time, and availability to help during set up and fair time. Volunteers for set up and day of science fair help to set up tables, check in participants, provide security and most importantly, act as reviewers by talking to students about their projects.

Committee Chairs spend time earlier in the year securing vendors, updating and distributing fair information and entry forms.  Committee Chairs collect and manage participants’ entry forms, organize location of participants and presentations during the fair, and distribution of certificates and t-shirts.

Staff Appreciation Week


Volunteers will provide meaningful meal-based events for the staff and administration during teacher appreciation week. Volunteer duties include: Planning and coordinating daily breakfast and catered lunch, help to coordinate events of appreciation for staff.

Staff Luncheons


There are 3 staff luncheons per school year. The final lunch will be held in during staff appreciation week. Chairperson will plan potluck style lunch and work with Volunteer Coordinator to send out a Sign-Up Genius for volunteers to sign up to bring a food dish, drink, etc. This is a great way to be a part of saying thank you to our amazing staff!

Stop, Drop & Smile


Sep (Thu before 1st day of school)

Chairperson will coordinate with school staff to schedule work group to put together back to school packets. There are 2 packets that need to be assembled for parent mailing & packets to be handed out night of Stop, Drop & Smile. The school BBQ/Picnic has been combined into the same evening. PTC will need volunteers to help with planning of the BBQ/picnic, setup and cleanup of event.

Student Directory 


Volunteer will create a school directory to support communication between families. Duties include requesting and tabulating contact information for the school year and assembling directories. Training provided.

Spirit Gear


Builds school spirit and brings together students. Plan and coordinate payment, creation and distribution of shirts.


Volunteer(s) needed to manage domains, board and committee email boxes, access to google for non-profits, update facebook, and help maintain and improve school/PTC website.

Work Party 

The work party needs volunteers to help teachers and staff! During the school year, the work party team helps to complete copying, binding, laminating, and other class material preparation.

Wishing Tree


Volunteer/s place teachers’ special “wish” items on a tree outside the front office. Parents are welcome to choose an item and donate it to the teacher. Volunteers maintain the Wishing Tree making sure to keep the wishes are current.


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