Winter 2020 After School Enrichment

Please see below for our Winter 2020 after school enrichment programs. For additional information use the link provided or reach out to the contact person noted. 

* times/dates are subject to change and to confirm with the EC program.

Course Description Day Start Date Contact
Play Fit Fun Help students with health, fitness and nutrition ideas and allow students to remain active and moving.  Tuesday Jan. Spencer Rubin
Mad Science The mission of Mad Science is to get grade school age children really excited about science by providing them with interactive, hands-on science activities that engage their minds and spark their curiosity about the world around them. Tuesday 1/21
TGA Sports – Tennis Students explore station-based athletic skill development activities, STEAM Labs to explore educational concepts through sports, and key life lessons including teamwork, sportsmanship, perseverance, and leadership. Thursday Jan. Kendall Moore
Kids Love Clay


Clay adventure designed to sequentially develop students’ hand building skills, while exercising their budding imaginations and creative problem solving skills.


Jan. Maura Okuley
NWCT Through the use of improv games, theater exercises, and imagination, students will create and explore a world of characters and new experiences. Our experienced theater educators will teach theater basics: from projection and stage presence, to expression and character development, all while bringing scripts to life!



For general questions regarding after school enrichment programs contact: