Green Team

The Green Team is our school’s parent/educator group that works to implement ecologically sound practices in the school. In the future, the Green Team hopes to expand to include students as the program evolves.

The group formed after a presentation given at a PTC meeting by the The Eco-School Network. The founding members of our green team completed a 5-week leadership training provided by the Network and continues to receive their support and mentorship as well as participate in other Eco-School Network programs.

Garden Project

In addition to looking at ecologically sound practices that can be implemented, the Green Team is working to create a school garden and “outdoor classroom” that provides a valuable, experiential learning opportunity.

There are many exciting possibilities and opportunities with having a garden that tie to the school curriculum, including: 

The team is currently working on identifying potential project partners, including:

    • Funding and donations beyond the Cedar Mill PTC
    • Physical labor (i.e., volunteers, Green Team, community, etc.)
    • Lending libraries for curriculum enhancements 
  • Experts to lead guided walks or serve as classroom speakers

Become part of the Green Team!

  • Participate in the initial work parties to setup the garden
  • Volunteer to provide ongoing maintenance
  • Share your ideas or expertise
  • and much, much more

Want to get more involved or have questions? Contact the Green Team

Outdoor Classroom Design
Check out these “Outdoor Classroom” ideas!

Elements/questions to consider:

  • Materials:  Concrete, wood, composite, aluminum, other?
  • Benches vs individual?
  • Patterns: Circular, Wavy, Multiple tiers?
  • Location:  Placement?  Also will seating be separate from the garden – or interspersed? 
  • Seating connected to boxes? (See Slides 7, 18, 22, 23, 28, 29, 32, 34, 37, 40)
  • Shaded?
  • Board to write on?  (See slide 42)


Garden Boxes from other schools…